Diploma in NLP for Dietitians

… A new and innovative workshop for incorporating behaviour change strategies into patient care

Skills in behaviour change underpin dietary  compliance, yet do you ever find…

  •  You have a sense that there is something going on beyond the patient’s obvious presenting symptoms?
  • Despite ’agreement’ and your best efforts, patients just don’t change their behaviour or follow your advice?
  • You experience a lack of confidence in dealing with patients’ emotional issues, leaving you unsure what to do next?

This four-day (2+2 days) workshop focuses on the importance of the overall relationship between the dietitian and the patient. It concentrates on the inter-personal skills and levels of self-awareness that differentiate true exemplars in the field of human communication, understanding and influence.

In particular it provides skilled dietitians with additional tools to enhance their overall effectiveness through incorporating advanced ‘people skills’.

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Overall Outcomes

As a result of attending this workshop, you will…

  • Have identified the keys to increasing effectiveness by working with the whole  patient relationship
  • Have identified the so-called ‘filters’ in our language that give insights into how a patient is thinking, what they will pay attention to, and what they will ignore.
  • Understand how your own language influences the patient’s response.
  • Have more choice over your own emotional ‘state’ – in particular how to set the most  appropriate state for any patient intervention.
  • Have developed the skills of matching, pacing and leading to increase subtle  indirect influence.
  • Understand the impact of your language on the patient’s emotional state. In  particular being aware of the most emotionally charged words and the reactions these may (often unintentionally) invoke in the patient
  • Know how to ask the really challenging questions that will get to the root cause of the presenting issue.
  • Develop confidence in your natural intuitive skills and know how to use it to  increase the depth of rapport and understanding of the patient’s situation & needs.
  • Be able to identify someone’s deeper ‘values systems’ and the impact these have on their attitude and behaviour
  • Be able to work with anchoring techniques to help people develop an alternative response to an existing adverse stimulus or situation
  • Have strategies for protecting yourself when exposed to a patient’s emotional ‘baggage’ on a regular basis, and to help the patient develop new methods of  dealing with their  issues.

Outline Content

Module One (2 days)

Key principles and concepts for the programme
  • Introduction to Workshop
  • Background and origins of NLP, as well as   common ‘myths’.
  • Outline of ways in which advances in neuroscience are adding scientific credibility to NLP concepts
Increasing influence and impact
  • Recognising your own and other peoples’ preferences in communication and thinking style and adapting your  approach to meet their needs.
Achieving desired outcomes
  • Defining the result you want from any interaction (short & long-term) and establishing criteria for success
  • Focusing the patient’s attention on what they do want, rather than what they have or don’t want.
Increasing Influence through rapport
  • Establishing and maintaining high level rapport, especially when it does not occur naturally
Increasing precision and  effectiveness of language
  • Getting beyond the presenting symptoms of a problem or situation in order that a resolution can be achieved more quickly
Logical levels of thinking     and change
  • Identifying at what level (or levels) a particular intervention has to be pitched for it to be sustainable over time


Module Two (2 days)   

Review of learning
  • Review of experiences between modules and questions arising
Using your brain for change
  • Taking control of your own mind and ways of thinking
Using empowering beliefs to increase effectiveness
  • Exploring generic ‘beliefs’ held by people with highly developed influencing skills, in order to increase your own flexibility of thinking and behaviour
Gaining a deeper              understanding of people   and their values
  • Exploring how values affect our thoughts and actions, and using deeper drivers and values to increase influence.
Taking multiple                perspectives
  • Making sense of apparently irrational or unreasonable behaviours and creating more choice of action
Choosing the most effective emotional state
  • Developing your ability to change your response to  something (or someone) negative
  • Coaching the patient in gaining access to the emotional state that will be most helpful to their progress.
Changing a “No” into a “Yes”
  • Understanding apparent resistance to suggestions or advice, and developing questions that are more likely to unlock an apparent stalemate.

This workshop contributes to your CPD points and successful completion of all four days will lead to a Diploma in Neuro  Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) and the European Community for NLP (ECNLP)

Workshop Style and Approach

Our aim is to create a learning environment which is both challenging and supportive to participants.  Each session is highly practical in nature, fully interactive, and tailored to meet the needs and interests of the group.

This type of workshop is most effective when there is flexibility to respond to participants’ needs and individual issues as they arise, rather than following a rigid agenda.  Therefore, while there are definitive overall  outcomes that we work towards, the route we take  throughout the workshop may vary  according to participant  requirements.

Unlike the vast majority of  providers, we constantly explore the scientific basis and background to the NLP tools we introduce, and are therefore in a unique position to explain why it works in the way that it does.

Venue, Dates and Cost

Location:   To be confirmed

Dates:        We are currently planning the next course for Autumn/Winter 2014

Cost:           £540 +vat for full certification course     £300 +vat for Module 1 only.

Contact us NOW for further information and to register your interest


Vievolve  are pleased to present this course in association with Azmina Govindji  who is both an award-winning Registered Dietitian and best-selling author.  In her unique style, she takes evidence-based nutrition and translates it into language the consumer can understand.

Azmina is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and will provide insights on which NLP tools have been particularly useful  in her practice. She will also be available informally to support delegates who wish to use social media platforms to engage in  conversations with the public, healthcare professionals and the press.