TED Talks

Interesting TED Talks by Peter van Uhm “Why I Chose a Gun”. He is the Netherlands’ Chief of Defense.  However, as you’ll see, that does not mean he is pro-war.  Some fascinating insights – watch it here

No.13 – Survival of the Fittest?

“Survival” seems to be an all too familiar theme for many businesses (small or large) these days, and for me the interesting thing is the different strategies people are adopting to deal with the issue. Obviously the most natural (and sometimes necessary) thing to do in challenging times is to […]

No.12 – “I’ll do it later…”

How many times in the last month have you heard someone say (or maybe said yourself) “I don‟t have time to do that now” or “I need more time before I can start that” or “I’ll do it later”? Time is certainly a valuable commodity these days – so is […]

No.11 – “NLP – but not NLP!”

Something a bit different this month… A year or two ago, I was introduced to TEDTalks (well worth a look at www.ted.com if you haven‟t already come across them). TED is a non-profit site dedicated to the concept of „ideas worth spreading‟. It started in 1984 as a conference bringing […]

No.10 – “Your Stories”

In addition to a couple of Vievolve contributions, this edition offers examples sent by some of you in response to my request last month. I think the scenarios below illustrate very well just how broadly NLP can be applied on a day-to-day basis. 1. What else could this mean? “A […]

No.9 – “The Fine Art of Coaching”

This month I would like to offer some thoughts on a topic which is probably one of the most written about and “fashionable” subjects of the moment – Coaching. There are umpteen books, courses and qualifications on offer – many offering excellent advice and producing first-class coaches, and others less […]

No.8 – “Avoiding the Traps”

In any situation of this kind, there are a number of so-called psychological traps to watch out for. I‟ve outlined some of the most common below, along with illustrations of how they present themselves and tips on what to do to avoid them. From the examples shown, it will be […]

No.7 – “Setting the frame”

A particularly useful communication concept of NLP is called framing. Framing is about the focus being set by the choice of words used in any type of communication. Whether it’s in a presentation, a meeting, a coaching session or a written report, every sentence and question has the potential to […]

No.6 – “The survivor’s guide to the (possibly) festive season!”

If your Christmas is guaranteed to be filled with peace, love and laughter – or, if it’s not a festival that you celebrate – then this edition of Top Tips may not be directly relevant to you. However, I write it in the hope that it may be useful for […]

No.5 – “Using Anchoring”

One of the most ‘popularised’ areas of NLP is that of Anchoring – yet paradoxically it is often one that is least recognised as being applicable or appropriate for use in a business context. This may be because it is sometimes presented as a technique that mostly lends itself to […]